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Nick James

Nick is proven cyber security leader, with decade and a half of multi-industry, client-facing, and global experience in cyber security risk management, technology/security controls implementation, audit, compliance, and program/product development, in both the public and private sectors.

Over the past four years, he found himself observing the technology industry trends towards the open and public blockchain infrastructure, perched atop the traditional compute and storage layers of yesteryear, being heralded as the new layer of consensus, under the moniker: Web3. He watched as billions were invested and immediately lost due to a lack of emphasis and focus on security, awareness, education and safety.

Despite a tumultuous entrance into Web3, having lost money himself, he has entered this space to create platforms and mechanisms that ensure the safe and guided on-boarding of Web2 users on to Web3 – starting with awareness and education.

He and his team firmly believe that in order for Web3 to reach any meaningful level of adoption, awareness and education must become the industry’s top priority – and they will solve for this with Web3 Texas and eventually, across the globe, with Web3 Earth.

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Robert Akin

Robert Akin is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CRC. He directs CRC’s strategic vision and high-level operations to align with our motto, “Implement. Empower. Sustain.” Robert believes that CRC’s clients deserve a reliable and nimble partner who can implement a unique blend of services to mitigate the challenges our U.S. Government and commercial clients face in some of the toughest locations around the globe. CRC’s specialized services include contingency logistics, professional advisory services, construction, and construction management. 

Robert’s executive and operational leadership styles rely heavily on skills obtained throughout his 25 years of service in the United States Marine Corps infantry/reconnaissance communities as well as his positions with private sector companies including DynCorp International, AECOM Government Services, and Global Integrated Security.

Robert has a significant amount of experience working on the African continent. He was a key planner in the U.S. Department of State’s contribution to the African Union Mission in Somalia. He also led contracts supporting security sector reform, peacekeeping support, and training missions to various African partner nations including South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

His in-depth understanding of working in sub-Saharan Africa and the business acumen gained operating in the global marketplace are responsible for CRC’s growth and success. In under 10 years, CRC has grown into a global company with operations spanning across 50+ countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Italy, Philippines, Jordan, Taiwan, India, and Saudi Arabia—all while maintaining a robust presence throughout the continent of Africa. His tenacious pursuit of CRC’s strategic goals continues to generate fiscal and geographic growth for CRC and value for our clients including the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Defense, and the Special Operations community.