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Passion can best be described as a limitless dream – and with over 17 years of experience in the events industry, GiGi McDowell is the heart of Fêtefully, the most innovative and comprehensive wedding planning platform available for today’s on-the-go couples.

At age five, while others were planning for their next play date, GiGi had a plan of her own. Always curious and fascinated by the magic of weddings, GiGi took it on herself to order an issue of Brides magazine. With the beautiful inspiration between the pages, GiGi’s simple curiosity turned into an ignited passion for all things wedding.

GiGi remained passionate and focused in marrying her love for weddings with the innovation she knew the industry needed throughout her early career. While she worked alongside her mentors, Angela Proffitt, Brigette Romanek, and Estee Stanley, GiGi founded her events company and grew her passion for helping couples.

When we think about what makes a great planner, the logistics are only a small part. The others are compassion and integrity, a perfect union for event success.

GiGi has positioned herself as an innovator for nearly two decades, helping those who feel overwhelmed or at a loss for where to start without a compromise to their love story.

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