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Kendall Hill is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Project
Texas. From a very young age, Kendall committed to his passion for uplifting others,
community engagement, education, and philanthropy – all the way back to his
adolescent involvement in Jack & Jill of America, Inc., and previously serving as
a J&J Chapter President.

Kendall studied Finance and Law, Policy & Values in The Honors College at the
University of Houston, focused in the C.T. Bauer College of Business Honors
Program and remained active in a host of on campus organizations at UH. His
professional career spans the fields of law, finance, wealth management,
entrepreneurism, philanthropy, and aerospace — holding positions at the
United States Attorney’s Office, NASA Johnson Space Center, and The Boeing
Company. He humbly received recognition from top executive leadership in
each position.

Kendall is involved with a host of community organizations in Dallas. He
currently serves as a Director of the Board for Dallas’ beloved Thanks-Giving
Foundation; the Community Advisory Board of KERA; and a Director of the
Board for Village Tech Schools. In 2022, he graduated from the program
Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy through Communities Foundation of Texas
and graduated from class seven of the Dana Juett Residency through Social
Venture Partners Dallas in 2023. Kendall is currently in class 10 of Engage
Dallas — formerly known as Mayor Star Council, and briefly served as Equity
Officer for Dallas Fort Worth Urban League Young Professionals. In 2022,
during Project Texas’ first operating year, D CEO selected Kendall as a finalist in
the category of Leadership Excellence.

Kendall is a firm believer that those who are engaged in their community
facilitate growth and success. By utilizing strategy, innovation and inspiration,
Kendall hopes to revolutionize the way people engage in their community –
offering a bold vision of the future, and inspiring others to join.

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