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Kimberly Kirt

As a digital marketer and health & fitness enthusiast, Kimberly (Kimber) Kirt has always held helping others as her top priority. While this started specifically in the fitness space as an instructor in college, a degree & career in marketing showed her that should could help the right businesses bring their message to the MASSES. 

After years of working as a producer at a Dallas advertising agency, she broke out on her own in 2018 and started a full-service digital marketing agency, Champagne Lion.

With the power of social media, email marketing, and paid ads, she could now work with a VARIETY of brands in the health, fitness, and beauty space, reaching MILLIONS of people – which is a whole lot more impact than she was making as a fitness instructor teaching to a room of 30 at a time! (Still very important though, no doubt!)

By helping her clients, she is helping so many others along the way.

With the motto of “you grow, we grow,” Kimber’s commitment to helping small and medium businesses is evident through the large role she plays in ensuring her clients’ success, no matter the stage of their business.

Other than providing done for you digital marketing services, she aims to be a source of knowledge and support so if you are not quite ready to hire out your marketing services, she and her team will provide resources and guidance to get you to that next level!

With her monthly Marketing Roar Club subscription for business owners, à la carte services, flexible package pricing, and a course coming soon, your success is her success- and seeing your business shine is what makes her love this career so much. 

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