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Introducing Jade “Lady Jade” Burrowes, a true powerhouse in the world of media and entertainment. With over 20 years of experience as a nationally syndicated radio co-host, Jade has proven herself to be a master of all trades. But she doesn’t stop there – she’s also a TV personality, philanthropist, podcaster, and real estate investor & agent. She’s a force to be reckoned with in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, known for her deep involvement in the community and her ability to make connections that transform lives.

Jade has built her personal brand on a foundation of wit, authenticity, and a radiant personality that inspires and educates. She’s a natural storyteller who understands the power of genuine relationships, effortlessly connecting with people from all walks of life. Her voice has reached millions over the years, but it’s the unwavering support of her fans that truly humbles her.

With her humility, integrity, and boundless generosity, Jade has earned the well-deserved media title of “Radio’s Sweetheart” and, following her recent transition out of radio, “America’s Sweetheart.” She has hosted countless national corporate and nonprofit events, skillfully moderating discussions and interviewing some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

Jade’s passion for giving back led her to establish Project 16, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Through Project 16, she empowers economically underserved youth by teaching life skills, fostering career development, providing exposure opportunities, and offering vital mental health services to minority teens and families. Her commitment to highlighting the spirit of black entrepreneurship is truly commendable.

As the host of The Dash Podcast, Jade provides a platform for real people to share their inspiring stories of triumph over adversity. It’s a storytelling journey that explores the ups and downs of life and celebrates the resilience that leads to success.

When asked about her secret to success, Jade emphasizes the importance of servant leadership. She’s learned from experience that it’s essential to wait for the right opportunities, allowing God to open the doors that lead to greatness. With divine guidance, she finds the words, wisdom, and incredible people necessary to make it all work. Jade knows that it’s not about her – it’s about the power of faith and the impact she can make when serving a higher purpose.

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