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Mario King is a distinguished public servant and accomplished professional with a diverse and impactful career spanning various roles in government, education policy, and business management. With a commitment to service and a passion for equitable solutions, Mr. King has dedicated his life to making a positive difference in all the communities he has touched through his professional and personal life.  

Having served as Mayor and City Manager, King gained invaluable experience in governance and leadership, spearheading initiatives such as creating a small business incubator and youth program supporting the dreams of young people looking to be future business leaders, entrepreneurs, and politicians. These initiatives fostered growth, inclusivity, and progress for the cities and communities he served. His dedication to public service led him to work as the Program Design and Analytics Manager for Baylor Scott and White Health System, one of Texas’s largest health systems, where his work was to create and implement programs that could make a positive impact on the system’s most vulnerable population. As an accomplished professional, Mr. King has successfully developed and implemented diversity, equity, and inclusion programs that focus on enhancing communication and cultural competence within patient and business relations. Through these initiatives, Mr. King has fostered an inclusive environment that ensures patients from diverse backgrounds receive the highest standard of care with sensitivity, respect, and understanding of their backgrounds.

As an advocate for education policy, Mr. King lent his expertise to Students First, lobbying for policies that aimed to improve educational opportunities for students and create a more equitable learning environment across the country. His work in this field solidified his reputation as a champion for the betterment of educational systems. Mr. King’s model for education is that “there is no one size fits all model for our children.”  

Currently, Mr. King’s role with the City of Dallas Small Business Center continues his mission of
promoting business inclusion and fostering economic growth. His commitment to developing human
capital and supporting small businesses has empowered entrepreneurs and strengthened the local

Mr. King’s academic journey reflects his relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise. Mr. King earned
his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources from the University
of Southern Mississippi. Following this, he received a Master’s in Business Administration from Delta State University, further honing his management and strategic and critical thinking skills, Mr. King went on to pursue a Doctorate of Philosophy in Economics from the College of Business and Economics at the University of Southern Mississippi. He will successfully complete this degree program on December 7, 2023.  Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. King’s true passion and fulfillment come from his personal life. Mr. King is married to his high school sweetheart Natasha R. King, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and together they are raising three wonderful children.  

Driven by a vision of creating a more equitable society, Mr. King’s passion for service and commitment
to public welfare shines through in every field of human endeavor. With an unwavering dedication to
providing equitable solutions through our decentralized government, Mr. King continues to be a force
for positive change, impacting the lives of those he serves.

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