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Patty Rudolph is the founder and owner of PR 4.0 Media, a media rep firm based in Dallas.

Patty’s journey in media sales began in television, in Virginia.  After moving to Dallas in 2004, she shifted from television to print, digital, and social media sales. Her expertise and proficiency have earned her the trust of prestigious brands such as Martha Stewart, Parade, Shape, and Car and Driver.

Currently, she represents Entrepreneur media, AccuWeather, and an impressive portfolio of 28 brands at Hearst. Her dedication to helping companies and advertising agencies find the most effective pathways to reach their target audiences has led to success stories, driving sales, awareness, and engagement for her clients.

Patty’s passion for empowering others led her to start her second small business, “Dig in and Do,” as a certified Life Coach. Driven by a commitment to helping individuals break free from limitations, Patty guides her clients in creating transformative plans to bring their passions to life.