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Todd Strosnider

For nearly 20 years, Todd has focused his career on developing leaders and teams through innovative programs, tools and technologies. His early career focused supporting and educating new supervisors to combat turnover and increase engagement. He has since built and led teams responsible for executing the learning and development strategy for over 10,000 employees. Todd’s extensive experience as a talent development leader has allowed him to become an expert in leveraging learning technology to maximize business results.

In 2017, Todd started his own consultancy, STROJO, where he provided guidance and
implementation support for a diversity of learning tech including LMS, LXP, LRS, MOOC, TMS and more. In 2020, Todd founded Tractus, a reseller of LMS and LXP solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Tractus specializes in leveraging world- class content and learning technology to build custom learning solutions for small businesses ready to turn big ideas into real results.

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