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William V. Oxford, Ph.D.

Wil received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science from University of North Carolina in 1987. He spent the first 8 years of his professional life working on multimedia technologies at Apple’s Cupertino CA headquarters, including advanced research in AV-related DSP algorithms as well as digital and mixed-signal chip designs for the personal computer market. Apple transferred Wil to Austin TX, where he worked on several projects, including a stint at the Somerset joint Design Center in Austin, TX, where he was part of the team that designed PowerPC CPUs for Apple and other customers. One or more of Wil’s chip designs shipped in every Macintosh computer for over a dozen years.

After Apple, Wil joined a few of his ex-Apple colleagues at LifeSize Communications, where he developed breakthrough High-Definition video and audio conferencing products. At LifeSize, he was the primary designer of the LifeSize Phone; the world’s most advanced conference telephony system. Wil led a team of audio engineers and manufacturing engineers to design and ship this ground-breaking product in less than 18 months from the day that he joined the company. After leaving LifeSize in 2007, Wil founded Rubicon Labs, Inc and spent the next dozen years laying the technological foundations of a novel cybersecurity platform aimed at the IoT market. His work resulted in both products as well as IEEE publications in the field of IoT security.

In 2017, Wil spun his current company, Anametric, Inc. out of Rubicon Labs. Anametric is a fabless semiconductor company in the Quantum Photonics space with an initial market in the Cybersecurity industry. Anametric has been the recipient of several multi-$M contracts with the US Air Force for their patented Quantum Photonic-based chip designs. Wil is the holder of 45 issued US patents, several foreign patents and has filed many more that are still pending.

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