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Corporate Startup Innovation Summit: Table Talks – ChatDSW: Human Conversation.. No Machines Needed!

September 12 @ 5:00 pm 6:45 pm

No large language models (LLMs) needed here. Join us at ChatDSW, where we take the spirit of conversational AI and LLMs and bring them to real life! Say goodbye to automated responses and hello to genuine human connections and engaging discussions with seasoned corporate experts and innovative startup founders from more than 11 different companies as we explore the most creative ways to navigate the startup world. No machines here – just real conversations, real laughs, real opportunities….and real drinks while engaging in table talk discussions. Don’t miss out on this interactive, and bot-free experience at ChatDSW, the ultimate event for startup enthusiasts!

Table topics include:

  • LaunchBio: “Navigating Workforce and Talent Pipeline Challenges in Start-Ups: Attracting and Retaining Specialized Employees While Building New Pipelines.” Kiah Chism, with Launch Bio will lead a thoughtful discussion into the intricacies of the talent pipeline issues that startups face. Learn valuable insights on how to attract and retain specialized employees while simultaneously building local robust talent pipelines, ensuring sustainable growth and success for your innovative venture. Discover practical strategies to overcome specialized workforce hurdles and optimize your startup’s human capital for long-term prosperity and success.
  • Capital One: “Doing Business with Big Business.” Join Chris Dague and Alan Zou with Capital One who will provide insights and advice on how small businesses and startups can successfully partner with corporations. This discussion will also touch on the importance of supplier diversity and how corporations are thinking about sourcing in the future.  .
  • Southwest Airlines: “What Large Corporations Look for When Evaluating a Startup for Collaboration or Partnership.” Kevin Kleist and Tom Garrison of Southwest Airlines will discuss how Southwest Airlines utilizes startups for successful collaborations. Engage in a dynamic discussion with industry insiders as they share firsthand insights into the criteria, strategies, and processes that established companies like Southwest Airlines use to partner with promising startups. Gain valuable knowledge on positioning your venture for strategic alliances and potential growth, opening new doors for your startup’s success in the corporate landscape.
  • Ernst & Young: “The Future is Automated: How AI Transforms Early-Stage Ventures.” Ivan Roussev with Ernst a & Young leads a captivating discussion on unlocking the potential of Generative AI to revolutionize your startup’s trajectory.  Whether you’re seeking practical strategies to fuel growth or exploring ways to enhance customer engagement, Ivan will guide this discussion through his thought leadership and years of experience in consulting and startups.
  • Texas Blockchain Council and the City of Dallas: “Innovating Through Regulatory Uncertainty While Considering Best Practices Startups Can Utilize To Manage Local Governments.” Lee Bratcher and Steve Kinard with the Texas Blockchain Council and Stephen Tusken with the City of Dallas will lead an inciteful discussion while sharing real-life experiences and proven strategies to navigate the complexities of evolving regulations. Gain valuable insights on how to transform challenges into opportunities, enabling your startup to thrive and drive innovation amidst a constantly changing regulatory landscape.
  • ENO8 and Imaginuity: “A Discussion on the Critical Assets and Branding Awareness to Consider Before Product Development.” Jeff Francis with ENO8 and John Lee with Imaginuity will embark on a thought-provoking table talk session, delving into the core essentials of successful ventures.  Engage in a table talk conversation that will provide actionable tips to identify and leverage critical assets that will significantly impact the trajectory of your startup’s journey towards success.
  • Biolabs: “The Dynamic World of Startups and Their Current Challenges in Today’s Market.” Gabby Everett, Director of Operations and Strategy at Biolab’s will lead a conversation on the challenges startups face in the current market of funding.  She will also delve into a conversation on how to utilize accelerators and service providers in the region for product development and startup success.
  • HarnessIP: “Unlocking Success: Navigating Employee NDA’s, Trade Secrets and Non-Competes for Startups and Founders.” Join Chris Cauble for a captivating table talk session on discovering a path to growth. Join Chris as he delves into the pivotal strategies that empower startups and founders to effectively manage employee NDAs, safeguard valuable trade secrets, and harness the potential of non-compete agreements. Uncover the key insights that will shape your approach to talent management and legal safeguards, propelling your venture toward sustainable success.
  • Worlds io and Slalom: “Modern Matchmaking – Why Consultancies Bring Startups into the Mix.” Rama Ramaswamy from Slalom and Ross Bates CTO from will discuss the 3-part ecosystem that includes startups, corporations, and consultancies. Specifically, how consultancies like Slalom, via Slalom Ventures, bring the innovative solutions and services created by startups to some of the complex problems organizations of all sizes face today. You’ll take away practical advice on how your startup can begin to develop the value proposition you bring to the table and understand how to leverage the investments, resources, and client relationships that professional services offer.
  • Phillips Advisory Services: “A Discussion on AI-Powered Digital Transformation: The Evolution of Jobs and Industries.” Join Shay Phillips, CEO of Phillips Advisory Services, for an exciting table talk session exploring today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape and how artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a driving force. With more than 20 years
    of experience at AT&T, taking startup organizations to scaled businesses and transforming organizations by leveraging technology, Shay will delve into the revolutionary impact of AI on jobs and industries. Join us for an engaging and insightful exploration of how AI is reshaping traditional paradigms and creating new opportunities for innovation.
  • Snell and Wilmer: “A Discussion on How Startups Can Avoid Pitfalls as They Grow.” Kyle Graves will lead a discussion on how startups can avoid certain pitfalls as they expand. They will discuss what legal IP and scaling considerations startups should consider as they grow.

Check back here for the topics up for discussion, and don’t forget to register for Dallas Startup Week 2023, sponsored by Capital One!