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Kurtis K.G. Graham is a multi-talented Panamanian entrepreneur, curator, podcaster, story seller and the creative force behind the scenes at COSIGN. With an innate passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, KG brings a unique perspective to the world of media. Having spent time in media as a marketing rep for numerous Magazines, he realized a lack of diversity in print and media content, and when he was unable to find an outlet that focused on entrepreneurship, culture, and diversity, within and beyond the entertainment industry, he decided to create his own. K.G. founded COSIGN with the intent of using his brand to connect creatives with one another by “COSIGNing” or endorsing them. K.G. has a passion to see others succeed, which pairs perfectly with his fervent drive to give others a space to showcase their talents and skills.

With a finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving media landscape, KG stays ahead of trends, constantly seeking new ways to innovate and connect with audiences. His versatile skill set and unwavering passion for the industry have allowed him to navigate the fast-paced world of media and emerge as a respected authority in his field.

Over the past years, K.G. has grown the COSIGN brand to a powerhouse including a multimedia network, experiential marketing agency and multi-hyphenate media company which houses a print publication, digital platform, and multiple event series which have brought partnerships with elite brands such as Frost Bank, Nike, Reebok, Hennessy, Foot Locker, Red Bull, and Mountain Dew. He’s spoke at multiple conferences and summits including Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits Multicultural Marketing Symposium.

As COSIGN continues to shape the cultural conversation, KG stands as a driving force behind its success. Through his unwavering dedication to storytelling, creative excellence, and community engagement, he remains a true inspiration to aspiring creatives and a testament to the power of authentic media.

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