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Author: dswinterns

Xavier Egan: Veteran Track

Xavier Egan is an experienced financial leader with a successful track record in driving growth and efficiency in complex businesses. He has a well-rounded education, with qualifications in finance, accounting, strategic planning, and executive leadership. Throughout his career, Xavier has partnered with businesses across all

VR Small: Veteran Track

VR Small, is the founder and chief executive officer, for the Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center (VWEC), a national initiative, launched in southern Dallas, to empower entrepreneur women associated with the military to scale for success. VR testified for the original House Bill to make June

Mike Wilkes: Startup Funding Track

As operations manager of North Texas Angel Network, Mike is responsible for all aspects of running NTAN. He has become embedded into the DFW entrepreneurial community, from planning NTAN’s engagement in Dallas Startup Week 2022, to speaking and educating entrepreneurs about angel investment at events

Natalie Luneva: SaaS Track

Natalie Luneva is an enrepreneur, investor and a growth coach to SaaS founders. She is a co-founder of, a content strategy platform powered by AI. 

Lauren Keuning: Marketing + Branding Track

Lauren Keuning is a Digital Marketer with a decade of experience helping brands grow their online presence. Her expertise lies in social media, branding, and creative content initiatives in the hospitality and service industries working with brands such as Virgin Hotels, DFW Airport, and Downtown

Katie Polansky: Marketing + Branding Track

Katie is a Creative Director + Strategist who helps small businesses connect with their audience, increase user engagement, and scale their businesses through strategized digital marketing and user-first design. She graduated from Texas A&M University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Visualization. Katie

Hubert Zajicek: Healthcare Track

Hubert Zajicek, MD, MBA, is CEO & Co-founder of Health Wildcatters, a top ranked healthcare accelerator and fund in Dallas, TX. Health Wildcatters provides mentorship, capital and guidance to up to 12 healthcare related startups during an intensive 3 month program, annually. The fund has

Lindsey Settles: Healthcare Track

Lindsey is the Operations Program Manager for Health Wildcatters, a top ranked healthcare accelerator and fund in Dallas, TX. Lindsey’s responsibilities at Health Wildcatters cover a wide array of items including programming, marketing, leasing and event planning.  Prior to Health Wildcatters, Lindsey worked in the

Carlos White: Franchising Track

Carlos White is a transactional attorney that specializes in optimizing business systems and structuring domestic and international franchising and licensing arrangements. Currently, Carlos serves as a Partner at Lathrop GPM, a firm that was named the 2021 Best Franchise Law Firm in the world by

Taylor Shead: Emerging Tech Track

Taylor Shead is the award-winning CEO and Founder of Stemuli Studios and is the 94th Black woman in history to have raised over $1M in venture capital. She’s best known for making school as fun as your favorite video game by creating a 3D immersive