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Meet Dierdre, the firecracker dynamo who’s been shattering glass ceilings in the med tech realm for 17 years. Armed with a treasure trove of awards that celebrate her prowess in leadership and entrepreneurship, she’s no ordinary exec. Known for her incisive insights and razor-sharp strategies, she’s not just a speaker—she’s a transformative experience.

Having been the keynote at countless industry gatherings, Dierdre has carved a niche as the go-to maven for everything from emotional intelligence to cutting-edge clinical techniques. Yet, her thirst for innovation couldn’t be quenched. So, she birthed Heddy—a revolutionary B2B vertical SaaS platform set to catapult clinical training into the digital stratosphere.

But don’t let her corporate avatar fool you. Offstage, she’s an intrepid explorer, jet-setting with her Ukrainian husband and non-Ukrainian canine. Whether she’s rocking the cello, setting the dance floor ablaze with her salsa moves, or championing contemporary art, Dierdre is the epitome of a Renaissance woman—serving inspiration on a silver platter, one keynote at a time.

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