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Tamera Jackson

Tamera (TJ) exited a lifelong career in the automotive industry to launch Rootines, a patient engagement platform marrying remote patient monitoring with patient reported outcomes. 

Inspired by visits with an autistic friend, she saw the need for better data collection, improved information sharing amongst the care team and patient support through insights. ASDai was created in collaboration with two co-founders and the team was born. Now expanded to Mental Health, Pediatric GI, NICU follow-up and with more in development, the Rootines platform is growing to support most pediatric chronic conditions. 

In addition to her efforts launching a new company, TJ is also active in the community, participating in a few non-profit boards. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her two spoiled dogs and her equally spoiled horse.

Startup Funding
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Denny Darmo

Mr. Denny Darmo began his career on Wall Street in 1994 excelling in the equity, debt, and commercial real estate sides of the securities markets. With a career in finance spanning 27 years, he has touched on all facets of the financial industry.

On the equity side, in 1999 he was promoted to a position of BOM with Investec, a publicly traded multibillion-dollar SA bank, and moved into Investment Banking in 2008. Funding startups, Mr. Denny Darmo was integral in the success of structured deals through SPV’s in pre-IPO opportunities engaging in early and late-round financing in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and other high-profile technology and biopharmaceutical ventures.

On the debt side, Mr. Denny Darmo was instrumental in the structuring and placement of specific tranches of debt securities that were underwritten by Morgan Stanley – $250MM to $400MM in size. He also established relationships with Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Cantor Fitzgerald, Wachovia and the like which multiplied revenues for the debt side of the trading business with interests primarily in strips, giant strips, IO’s, PO’s, fixed, and inverse structures.

On the real estate side, from 2012 to 2015 Denny was responsible for the dissemination of various public, non-publicly traded REIT’s. He was involved in various Trusts including sale / lease back projects in the US and Europe – >$1.5B, the New York Recovery REIT (NYSE Ticker: NYRT), and other Trust products.

In 2015, Mr. Darmo established a Real Estate Income Fund for an award-winning medical real estate development company that provided capital associated with the predevelopment costs of several medical office buildings. Over the following two years, 4 more Real Estate Funds were formed and successfully funded.

In 2017, Mr. Denny Darmo continued to excel in Real Estate Finance but also became an inaugural member of RLT Atwood, an Investment Club that specifically invested in digital assets. He was then appointed to serve on the Advisory Board for RLT Atwood International as it became the world’s first, publicly traded, blockchain-related Investment Management Company. RLT was acquired in May of 2019.

In 2019, he Founded Snipitz and created the Snipitz CDI (Content Delivery Interface) holding 2 Trademarks, 7 Copyrights, filed for PCT Global Patent application and a Provisional Patent all related to Snipitz’s intellectual property.

Denny received his bachelor’s degree from RIT – Rochester Institute of Technology starting in Computer Science – finishing with Business Management with a Core in Entrepreneurship and is currently pursuing certifications online through The Wharton School of Business focusing on Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurial Studies. Lifelong member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

Startup Funding
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Holly Burrow

Holly is a serial entrepreneur and female founder advocate whose mission is to change the founder experience through connection and access to resources through her company, EqALL.

Holly supports early-stage startups through data-driven decision-making and actionable road maps to achieve their growth goals.

She is a mentor, advisor and guide for startups building  lean business plans and developing business strategy.

Holly supports startups through access to resources, strategic planning, investor readiness, and ecosystem connections.

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Ashley Coleman

Ashley is a Co-Founder of BossFightz and the Founder of Innovative Marketing & Advertising. She began her career working for the Pharmaceutical industry planning large scale health fairs conventions and outreach events.

In 2015 she followed her passion and began working with artists and creators in the comic and gaming space. She has helped launch comic books, new technology catered to cosplayers and gamers, specialized Comic Conventions and Kickstarters.

An entrepreneur for over 10 years Ashley knows the video game and tech space and our market and customer base in a way that will set BossFightz apart from most gaming/streaming services currently available.

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Jessica Bahlman

Wife, Educator, Thinker, Strategist, and Entrepreneur. As an educator, she led and coordinated tours for students traveling abroad, from Asia across Europe and North America. Regarding enterprise, she built a strong organization with a team of over 100 in her previous marketing endeavor. Currently, as CMO of iOpen Innovations, she drives her startup into a strong social media presence, leads the brand management, product-fit, and market penetration. And continuously aligns with the fast-paced disruptions sweeping across technology and hospitality.

Coming from a different country, language, and culture…all she has overcome, has definitely contributed to her grit to succeed; allowing her to see what most don’t and value what most take for granted. As a female founder she continues to drive her company to the next level.

Jessica brings a truly international and inclusive perspective; encouraging women of all backgrounds to succeed.

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Yanira Borges

Yanira is a positive powerhouse fueled by an “it can be done” mindset. She’s energetic, encouraging, and brings people together to get things done.

She is quantitative, curious, a collaborator, an accelerator, enthusiastic and ambitious.

Obsessed with process & people improvement, she speaks 3 languages and assists high-performing companies in competitive markets launch and grow.

Yanira has 20+ years of business and project management experience, 5 years of technical project management experience, SaaS product development and online community building.

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Keith Davidson

Keith enables companies to succeed through insightful and proactive consulting CFO services. As a strategic partner, he provides intuitive guidance and a structured management reporting and planning framework for strategic decision making.

Before joining CLA, Keith was the CFO at ICS, a $6B division of Fortune 12 company AmerisourceBergen, where he led strategic business planning, forecasting, financial analysis, global M&A and accounting. Previously, he was the corporate finance leader for EndoChoice, a small-cap medical device company, where he built the corporate FP&A and investor relations teams, as well as the IPO financial model, ahead of their successful IPO.

Prior to EndoChoice, Keith spent most of his career at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, where he held a series of progressive, global positions in finance and corporate strategy, along with experiences in restructuring, M&A, and strategic marketing. Keith began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Keith is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on startup and small-cap strategic planning, international mergers, acquisitions and business unit integration, and corporate finance organizational design.

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Kristy Alballero

Kristy is the President and COO of IOOGO Inc, a finance-as-a-service company that provides the perfect combination of technology and personalized support. She has over 17 years of experience building profitable solutions. During that time, Kristy found a passion for helping startups by creating powerful and effective financial strategies to ensure growth and profitability. She has an MBA from UT Dallas.

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Jeff Francis

Jeff Francis is one of two founding partners of ENO8, a Dallas based innovation studio that helps companies massively reduce risk and improve their odds of successfully launching digital products. ENO8 brings a repeatable and ever-evolving process to its clients (large and small) that unlocks their ability to innovate by creatively exploring problems, creating clarity around what is the right thing to build, and then building it the right way.

Jeff’s path to entrepreneurship began at the University of North Texas where he studied Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. He began his career as employee number one at a software startup in Dallas right out of college and was instrumental in growing it to dominate the healthcare staffing software industry. By the age of 26, he was ready to break out to start his first business and has never looked back since.

Startup Funding
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Josh Alballero

Josh is the CEO of IOOGO Inc, a finance-as-a-service company that provides the perfect combination of technology and personalized support. He’s been a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years. During that time he’s been able to grow businesses from $0-$20 million in revenue. With proven business understanding and a passion for finding solutions to big challenges, Josh has mentored more than 1000 business owners and has founded 5+ successful companies.