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Jeff Francis is the founder of ENO8, a Dallas based innovation studio that helps companies massively reduce risk and improve their odds of successfully launching digital products. ENO8 brings a repeatable and ever-evolving process to its clients (large and small) that unlocks their ability to innovate by creatively exploring problems, creating clarity around what is the right thing to build, and then building it the right way. Over the last 15 years, Jeff has worked with over 100 startups to successfully launch their new software products.

Jeff’s path to entrepreneurship began at the University of North Texas where he studied Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. He began his career as employee number one at a software startup in Dallas right out of college and was instrumental in growing it to be the #1 Saas solution for the healthcare staffing industry. By the age of 26, he was ready to break out to start his first business and has never looked back since.