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Chamillionaire is a Grammy award winning musician who is hailed around the world for his platinum selling album, The Sound of Revenge, which spawned the multi-platinum single “Ridin Dirty.” More than a decade of success in the music industry has provided him with the entrepreneurial skills and business savvy that paved the way for his ascension into the tech industry. 

He was previously an Entrepreneur in Residence at Upfront Ventures, one of the largest early stage investment firms in Southern California, and now he is the founder of an investment fund created to reduce the friction that has historically prevented people in some of the most influential but untapped communities from investing in private companies.

He has invested in more than 60 tech companies including Maker Studios (acquired by Disney), Cruise (acquired by GM), and Lyft, and he also advises a number of high profile entertainers and athletes on their tech investments. Chamillionaire wants to lead by example, and hopes to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to believe they have the power to bring positive change and disruption to the world.