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Denny Darmo is a lifelong entrepreneur having solved problems and identifying opportunities since the age of eight. A child of immigrants who fled to the United States with fifty dollars in their pocket, Denny watched his parents do whatever it took to make ends meet. The source of his motivation as an entrepreneur is to provide himself and his family a better life along with mentoring others who share similar backgrounds and dreams. His latest venture Snipitz has developed an Interactive Video Platform that allows viewers to directly interact with video content which allows Sniptiz to collect a first of its kind data set that measures viewers’
behaviors, interests and patterns. His technology is shaking the foundation of traditional broadcast and is helping the industries reimagine what fan engagement can look like. They have been selected to be part of HYPE Sports Innovation, Microsoft’s Global Sports Innovation Center, received a Grant from McKinney’s Innovation Fund, and TBW’s TechDiversity Accelerator.

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