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Dr. Jay Barnett

Dr. Jay Barnett is an esteemed author, dynamic speaker, and widely acknowledged expert in mental health. Now, more than ever, he’s making an incredible mark in his field with his impactful storytelling, innovative strategies, and insightful lessons. In his mental health mission, he focus on mental wellness and holistic restoration. A former professional football player, Dr. Jay integrates the principles of athletic discipline into his clinical work, fostering a winning mindset. Also, he is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. 

Dr. Jay travels the country with his national tour, “Just Heal, Bro Tour, inspired by his book. The tour helps to foster men of color into a safe space to begin healing and focusing on their mental health. “Healing is a journey, and WHOLENESS is the destination.” -Dr. Jay Barnett 

He has appeared on NBC Hoda Jenna, The Breakfast Club, Sherri Shephard,  and Black Enterprise Magazine. In 2023 and 2024 he was the Grand Marshal for the American Psychiatric Association Moore Initiative leads efforts to establish fair access to mental health services. Dr. Jay’s literary contributions are a mirror of his life’s work. His books are

heartfelt, enlightening, and deeply rooted in his passion for mental health and youth advocacy. Whether seeking guidance, understanding, or a fresh perspective on

mental health, Dr. Jay’s collection caters to a spectrum of readers. From in-depth analysis to relatable anecdotes, there is book for everyone.