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Ethan is the Founder of AutoTrac. AutoTrac, the first digital depository for vehicle records, capitalizes on decentralized blockchain technology to centralize and secure vital vehicle data. Anchored to each vehicle via VIN, AutoTrac’s innovative wallet system aggregates service & repair records, sales documents, Carfax reports, and more, all easily accessible through mobile and web-based applications and easy-to-view records via QR codes placed near the VIN label.

Our platform empowers vehicle owners with configurable privacy settings, allowing them to control access to registration, title, service history, and additional vehicle details. Enhanced record-keeping, improved service center operations, and reduced hidden issues all come together with AutoTrac. Built to revolutionize vital vehicle record storage while promoting a green, paperless approach to vehicle documentation. Experience the future of vehicle record management with AutoTrac—Highly optimized, eco-friendly, and
effortlessly reliable.

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