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Kumar Narala is the Founder and CEO at RE-VIVE. With over 25 years of experience spanning Analytics, Data Warehousing, and Web Applications across diverse industries (such as Telecom, Healthcare, Retail, Cyber Security, Investment Management, Retail Banking, and Commercial Banking) Kumar is the driving force behind RE-VIVE.

Inspired by a profound vision, Kumar turned his dream of creating a Process Intelligence platform into reality during the summer of 2019. He built a proprietary algorithm using a multidimensional architecture, bringing to life ‘VIVE Process Intelligence’ and redefining Process
Discovery and Observability.

VIVE stands out as the only fully data-driven process intelligence tool that provides enterprises with a comprehensive current-state process map within days or weeks. This unprecedented visibility into business processes helps identify inefficiencies and uncover optimization opportunities, to maximize returns on digitization efforts.

RE-VIVE has rapidly emerged as a prominent frontrunner in the space of Process Intelligence (PI), making it the go-to solution for enterprises of all sizes and industries worldwide. Kumar’s distinction is further exemplified by his nomination in the esteemed D CEO and D Magazines’ 2021 Startup Innovator of the Year Award category, a testament to his pioneering Process Intelligence technology.

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